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Meet Trish, a Vision Therapist at InDepth Vision. Trish started her career with us five and a half years ago and has a bright future ahead. Her role entails planning, preparing, and carrying out Vision Therapy and Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation sessions with patients. We’re featuring her on our blog this month to showcase our appreciation for her efforts.

Compassionate Listener

Trish has quite a reputation among our employees and clients, who know her as an individual that is incredibly patient, approachable, and always willing to help. She always takes the time to listen to patients’ concerns and strives to create a safe space for them to complete their vision therapy journey by sharing her knowledge.

Boundless Creativity

Trish is unique because she routinely foresees the client’s requirements and strives to meet them, which makes her loved. She invariably goes the extra mile, takes the initiative, and makes InDepth Vision look good.

Trish is always thinking of new ways to make vision therapy activities more effective. As a result, you can often find Trish making fun things for the vision therapy room that gets tailored to each specific patient’s needs.

Team Player

Trish always goes out of her way to develop a rapport with coworkers, which makes people feel heard and appreciated. She also is a fantastic gardener and often comes to work with bags full of home-grown veggies to share with coworkers.

Finally, Trish has genuine care and love for InDepth Vision, and we appreciate the integrity with which she works. Keep up the great job, Trish!

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