What is Vision Therapy?

Optometric Vision Therapy is an area of optometric care that focuses on developing, improving and enhancing an individual’s visual performance.  It is an individualized treatment program prescribed by a doctor of optometry to treat various visual deficits that affect all areas of life, such as learning, sports and job performance. If you experience visual discomfort even with 20/20 vision you may benefit from vision therapy. Vision therapy can be effective but requires commitment to bring about results.

Optometric Vision Therapy effectively treats & improves:

Eye Movement

  • Difficulty maintaining fixation
  • Reduced tracking skills (pursuits & saccades)
  • Nystagmus (involuntary shaking of the eyes)


  • Reduced acuity (amblyopia/lazy eye)
  • Difficulty maintaining clear focus (accommodation)
  • Difficulty changing focus from near and far

Binocularity (eye alignment)

  • Crossed eye/wandering eye (strabismus)
  • Convergence Insufficiency
  • Divergence Excess, Poor depth perception

Visual-Motor Integration

  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Difficulty crossing midline
  • Poor balance
  • Clumsy behaviour
  • Sloppy handwriting
  • Difficulty catching/hitting a ball

Visual Information Processing

  • Poor memory
  • Difficulty finding objects in a busy environment
  • Letter/number reversals
  • Poor visualization abilities
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Difficulty spelling

Each vision therapy program is unique and is designed on an individual basis depending on a patient’s specific needs. Vision therapy uses a combination of optical devices, physical and visual activities. Vision therapy options include in-office, online (video conferencing), computer-based, and at-home therapy sessions.

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